Privacy notices

Please find below the privacy notices related to First Actuarial.

First Actuarial

Area Description
Developing relationships This notice applies for our mailing lists, training courses, client entertainment and our client conference.
Website The First Actuarial Websites.
Pension Scheme Members This notice applies to members of pension schemes to which First Actuarial is providing Investment Advice, Actuarial Services and/or Scheme Actuary Services.
Clients This notice covers the information we hold on our contacts at our clients.
Client Events This notice applies in respect of attendence at client events.
Employer This notice applies to employees and/or members of a pension scheme to which First Actuarial is providing Investment and/or Actuarial services to the employer.
First Actuarial Careers This notice gives you information on the additional personal data that we collect about you when you use our careers website.
The members site The members’ site is managed by First Actuarial on behalf of the trustees of the pension schemes we administer.
The Hub The hub may be used to hold a variety of documents on behalf of the scheme trustees.
The booking When you register you will need to supply us with information such as your name and email address.


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